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Single Marine Program: A Beacon for Marine Connectivity

What is the Single Marine Program? 

The Single Marine Program (SMP) enhances the Marine experience with comprehensive recreational expertise through individual and group activities targeting active-duty Marines through its core values of Recreation, Quality of Life, and Community Involvement. 


How does the Single Marine Program help with Marine connectivity? 

The Single Marine Program brings Marines together, which can strengthen unit cohesion, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote healthy relationships. Furthermore, connecting Marines can also promote retention, readiness, and resiliency throughout the Marine Corps and give Marines a sense of belonging. 


What aspects of Quality of Life promote Connectivity for Marines?  

Marines can connect to discuss their quality-of-life issues through the SMP Council. The Single Marines council represents their unit on their installation. The SMP council can help address issues that directly or indirectly influence morale, the living environment, and personal growth. 


How does Recreation facilitate Connectivity? 

Marines can participate in recreational activities through SMP Coordinators, who provide various social, competitive, and educational activities promoting camaraderie. The local Single Marine Recreation Centers facilitate trips and outings in the community to enhance physical fitness, life-skills development, and cultural awareness, bringing Marines together to reduce loneliness.   


Where does Community Involvement fall in with Connectivity? 

Through Community involvement, Marines connect with their surrounding community, which is a healthy alternative for leisure time. Whether blood drives, adopting-a-highway, mentoring, volunteering with Special Olympics, or Toys for Tots connecting with the community enhances the Marines' leadership skills and qualifies them for recognition from their command. 


Connectedness for units and communities is vital and can make a difference in not only their career but also in their life. Through the Single Marine Program, Marines can readily find ways to connect and build relationships through endless opportunities to learn, culture awareness, and life experiences that can further expand what's in front of or familiar to them for the rest of their lives. 

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