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Recognizing Developmental Delays in Children

Each child’s journey is unique and beautiful. However, there are some red flags all parents should be attentive toward in order to determine if their child may have a developmental delay.

What are developmental delays?

A developmental delay is an area where a child may not be as advanced in an area as other same-aged children “typically” are. These delays could happen in any of the following areas; Speech, vision, movement or motor skills, social and emotional skills and/or thinking, cognitive skills. Children can have a specific delay in just one area. Problems with Speech is the most common developmental delay.  Some children may have delays in all of these areas and this is referred to as a Global Delay of Development.

How do I recognize developmental delays, and what should I do?

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has many resources. Parents can use the Developmental Milestones checklist to see what their child should be doing at two months, six months, one year, and two years old. 

The most important thing to do as a parent is to talk to your child’s provider. If you have any concerns about any area in your child’s development discuss the concerns openly and honestly with the Pediatrician. They are there to help, they will know what to do to get the proper referrals for therapies and will give you the resources your child needs for that little extra push forwards.

Doctors, professionals, and teachers agree that the number one thing that helps children catch up with their peers is early intervention. If you have a concern about your child say something to your child’s doctor.  Then actions can be made for interventions to be put in place as soon as possible.  Children with significant delays in development make huge improvements more quickly and easily with early intervention.

In addition, your local Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) office is always available to assist your family. Please contact EFMP with any questions about Early Intervention services and/or Early Intervention evaluations.  EFMP also has many fun community events to meet and network with other families.  

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