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Be SMART When Setting Goals

Setting goals and battling perfectionism might seem like a daunting task but fear not – it’s all about finding that sweet spot between ambition and reality. Let’s dive into the art of goal setting and tackle the desire for perfectionism together.

Goals help us tremendously in life. They act as a road map to give us direction and purpose, helping us achieve our dreams.

The key is to make goals SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. SMART goals are useful because they help you focus and revaluate as needed.

Another tip for accomplishing your goals and combatting perfectionism is to think small. Setting and meeting small goals gives you momentum, even if they aren’t related to your big picture goals. This momentum can be the confidence boost you need to eventually achieve bigger goals. Something small can grow into something else and ultimately you have enough momentum for the BIG goals.

Let’s get back to the perfectionism trap. Perfect doesn’t exist and it’s not helpful to continue striving for perfectionism. Instead look toward and think about progress. This is where the phrase “progress, not perfection” comes from. Strive for progress and embrace imperfection as a sign you are moving forward. Celebrate small wins along the way and each step forward helps those wins add up.

Additionally, sharing your goals with family and friends helps you have a system of support. Everyone needs a cheering section to help them along the way. 

Focusing on your own journey and not anyone else’s will help you find joy. Remember, typically what you see on social media is someone’s highlight reel, and comparing your authentic and real ride can be defeating. Look to others for inspiration and not comparison.

Lastly, make flexible your middle name. Your ability to adapt will be priceless and key to your success as life can be unpredictable at times. 

You can do it! Embrace progress and create SMART and small goals to help you accomplish bigger goals.

Children and youth benefit from goal setting as well. Check out your local School Age Care and Youth Programs to see how to help children and youth create and reach their goals.


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