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Tired of Feeling Tired?

Join your Marine Corps community in participating in the inaugural USMC Sleep Challenge, March 4 through 31. The link between sleep, health, and happiness is real and when you are not sleeping well, you aren’t your best. A healthy night’s sleep starts the moment you wake up and includes what you do during the day and your evening routine. 

The 2024 USMC Sleep Challenge will test your ability to make lifestyle changes that can help you get enough of the quality sleep you need. The challenge also includes the use and completion of a sleep log that will help you see trends in what activities you are doing during the day and how energized you feel in the morning. Names of those who finish the challenge will be placed in a drawing for sleep-related prizes.

Contact your local Semper Fit to register for the challenge today!

FYI: Daylight saving time starts March 13, so clocks move ahead one hour, and we lose an hour of sleep. The loss of that hour causes sleep deprivation and sleepiness in most people. You can minimize the effects by making sure you get good sleep in the week before the time change. Try to slowly adjust your schedule by going to bed around 15-20 minutes earlier each day. By making these changes gradually over the week before the time change, you begin daylight saving time having already started to acclimate to the new time on the clock.

*Not all installations are participating in the inaugural sleep challenge. 

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