Welcome to the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center in beautiful Bridgeport, California. We are the premier training site for Marines preparing to serve in mountainous regions. Our emphasis on cold weather and high altitudes provides the Marines and Sailors stationed here the opportunity to experiment with state-of-the-art cold weather equipment.

Our remote location affords anyone who passes through our gates many unique and exciting possibilities. Marines and Sailors and their families have access to a number of expanding Marine Corps Community Service programs and services including New Parent Support, Semper Fit and the Single Marine Program.

Whether you’re camping in one of the 100 campgrounds located within a 50-mile radius or experiencing some of California’s finest fishing, exploring historic Bridgeport or hiking through neighboring Yosemite National Park, your experience here will always be filled with adventure.

Welcome aboard! We hope you enjoy your time at the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center.

Contact Information


MCCS HR Chief: 7609321521

DOD SAFE: 8779955247

Housing Exchange: 5304951057

School Liaison: 5304952186

New Parent Support: 5304959358

On Base Emergency: 911

Child Development Center: 5304952640

MCCS IT: 7609321478

Marketing/Sponsorship: 7609321572

Fitness Center: 7609321522

Clinical Counselor: 5304952685

Exchange Manager: 7609321525

Pickle Chalet: 7609321531

SMP Coordinator: 7609321522

Barber Shop: 7609321530

24/7 SA: 7605902919

Youth Sports Coordinator: 7609321523

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